Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yesterday I made a bunch of new friends on facebook and I run into a question on a group I've joined: Why do you blog?
 It left me ...thinking...really why?

First reason it comes to mind is that I need to clarify my thoughts about redefining myself. I need to think deeper about identity, interpersonal relationships and sincerity, not necessarily in this order.

I want to live a more intentional life and to resist to things (and people!) that would cross my desires and try to compel me to follow their wishes and to control my life. Yes, I have a very specific person in mind who does that.

Then, I'd like to form a vigilant eye in order to filter the meaningful things of life. Don't want to ever stop for the artificial, facile, light or meaningless. In other words, to find my way. Never is too late for that, hope that blogging will help me to accomplish my goal.
And I'm looking for  receiving some  feedback from my readers. When they'll arrive there. :)

Not least, I'd like to become more confident telling people about me, my dreams, my life, my opinions. I must confess I am curious to see how will be received by the public.

Cappuccino was great today.

Have you ever seen the forest?


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